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Seasonal Cleaning Services in Boston, MA

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Seasonal Cleaning Service in Boston

At the turn of every season, we must adapt our living spaces according to the weather and our outdoor activities. Spring and fall seem to be the most transitional times of the year as we prepare for the arrival of summer or winter. This is the reason that seasonal cleaning services make the most sense, because this is a big job that requires a significant amount of time and attention. Many people choose to contain their clothing and other seasonal items in their basements, attics or storage units, which might require multiple trips in and out or up and down stairs.

Leave the heavy lifting to the Kiwi Maids who will happily do it all for you. In addition, our seasonal cleaners will give your home an extensive clean that will be beyond your imagination from detoxifying the air of winter allergen build-up to deep cleaning the floors and carpets removing embedded summer debris.

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In addition, this is the ideal time to sort your belongings to declutter your home which could help you prepare for a yard sale, the disposal of worn items or the donation of needed clothing or outgrown toys. As your seasonal cleaning crew, Kiwi Maids will not only help you to clean, but also, we will help you to organize to keep your home tidy, hygienic, and orderly all year long.

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Our Happy Clients

Mary Peers

We found a company in Boston for spring cleaning to give our house a floor to ceiling deep clean this year and I couldn’t be happier that we did. What impressed me the most was not their spring cleaning services though their work was exceptional … it was the fact that they found a diamond ring that I lost three years ago. I really thought it had dropped down the drain, but one of the employees at Kiwi found it lodged under a baseboard. This ring belonged to my grandmother and I am so grateful that they found it and were honest enough to give it to me. This is what makes Kiwi Maids the best services for spring house cleaning!

Dolores Newbery

INCREDIBLE!!! Kiwi Maids began working for us as just our seasonal cleaning service last October, but once we saw what kind of job they did, it did not take rocket science to see that they would have to be our regular house cleaning service. The workers all seem to take great pride in their work and they are absolutely worth it. We priced other fall cleaning companies and by far, Kiwi’s prices were much more affordable and their cleaning was remarkable!

Natalie Valentine

Our apartment has three bedrooms and two baths. Although Kiwi provides regular apartment cleaning each month, we need a big seasonal cleaning every April and October, which is a service provided by Kiwi Maids too. The crew is meticulous but swift, they are always cheerful and on time which is what we appreciate the most. Our rating for Kiwi Maids as a seasonal cleaning company in Boston would have to be 5 stars!

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