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Deep Cleaning Services in Boston, MA

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Deep cleaning service in boston

How many times have you attempted deep cleaning within your home using industrial-strength products to implement enhanced disinfection only to have your eyes blinded by burning chemicals while feeling suffocated by harmful fumes? Wearing a random mask may not be adequate enough and even when you open the windows, you could be subjected to continual discomfort by doing the deep cleaning yourself. The staff at Kiwi Maids has the training, knowledge, and experience to know the best and safest products to use for office disinfection or house deep cleaning. We are using industrial-grade masks that are suited specifically for our safety, along with the other supplies necessary such as gloves, eyewear, and equipment designated for deep cleaning procedures.

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Enhanced disinfection is not for the faint of heart nor is it for the average individual. However, with Kiwi Maids as your chosen experts in deep cleaning, we can perform our duties while you are away to minimize exposure during your work hours if we are cleaning your house or during closed hours of your business. When you return, the only evidence of enhanced disinfection that you will detect is the fresh and clean scent lingering behind as well as your pristine surroundings. You will never have to handle your own deep cleaning again, because Kiwi Maids will give your space the enhanced disinfection that you require with a safe and healthy approach.

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Our Happy Clients

Maxx MacCormack

In my house you can expect to see grandkids running around, playing with their toys, and our pets following after. Needless to say, deep cleaning services are absolutely essential. I have tried a few other deep cleaning services in Boston, but none that really did a good enough job with enhanced disinfection. In fact, I have even tried deep cleaning services on the recommendation of friends but the quality of work was not up to par. Then, my wife found Kiwi Maids and said she liked the name because she’s originally from Australia plus she liked what they had written on their site about their disinfection services. So, we tried one more time and WOW, what a great group of guys who made our home look like only adults live here.

Sidda Lee Caetano

I had another deep cleaning service from Boston lined up and with an email confirmation for my new apartment. I waited and waited, but they never showed up or even bothered to call. So, I tried Kiwi Maids instead. They were really good about it being short notice and they were on time. It worked out in the long run because they gave my apartment the enhanced disinfection cleaning that it needed and I ended up hiring them to do regular cleanings from that point on. I guess things do happen for a reason.

Simone Gabhart

There is nothing worse than finding a mouse that has taken up residence in your house after being away on vacation. It is even worse when you see it running across the kitchen floor. We have never had a problem like this before, but we had to act fast to get a qualified home disinfection company in right away to nip this in the bud. Kiwi Maids definitely lived up to their reputation and provided the kind of enhanced disinfection services that we really needed to feel comfortable being back in our home again. Plus, we found out that Kiwi is not just for deep cleaning services. They are also a full-service Boston cleaning company.

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