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Retail Space Cleaning Service in Boston, MA

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Retail Space Cleaning Service in Boston

The cleanliness of your retail space represents the difference between a failure and a success, which is the reason that you should have only Boston’s best retail space cleaning company – Kiwi Maids. The crew that we will have assigned to you will know the ins and outs of retail store cleaning from areas where merchandise is displayed and the high foot-traffic areas to the rooms behind the scenes such as offices, stockrooms, and restrooms.

A restaurant, café or even a food truck are places where cleanliness will be paramount to the success of your business. Our retail space cleaners are trained to handle the demands of retail dining for the benefit and health of your staff, as well as your clientele.

Get Your Place Cleaned and Healthy

A supermarket is another perfect example of a multifaceted business that will require enhanced disinfection and retail space cleaning from the flooring and store shelves to the display cases within the bakery, seafood counter, delicatessen, and meat-cutting room. Kiwi’s highly qualified staff will have all of the appropriate equipment and training to meet all local and federal health code guidelines, while providing the type of store cleaning that you will need for a sanitary and healthy environment at all times.

Our retail store cleaning staff will go the extra mile beyond the bare minimum to provide the retail environment that your customers expect from your company, store, or franchise. Our retail cleaning services will ensure that your customers will feel welcome and will want to return. Plus, if the store cleaning services are left up to Kiwi Maids, you will have the freedom to impress your customers with your fabulous goods and services!

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Our Happy Clients

Frank Sanburn

We have a small café that people love to visit daily. They drink coffee or tea, have a small bite, and often spend hours using their computers or phones to work or just browse. We hired a retail store cleaning company that was not able to keep up with the demands of our needs. With food, we cannot risk getting any pests due to a lack of cleanliness but Kiwi Maids were up to the task. They do all types of cleaning including retail cleaning services and thanks to their regular cleaning visits, we are getting 5-star reviews about how immaculate our space is.

Tom Weisel

Everyone thinks that auto parts stores or tool stores have to be greasy, but we are not that kind of store. We hired Kiwi Maids to be our retail store cleaning company because they know how to keep our store in tip-top shape. Our business has improved by 30% since Kiwi Maids started providing us with store cleaning. That cannot be a coincidence, so we will keep them and we will keep telling other people about how good they are!

Lena Lyons

Whenever we have had a big showroom sale event, we have called Kiwi Maids and they have never disappointed us as our showroom cleaning service. In fact, they not only do the cleaning after the customers leave, but also, they clean before to make sure the place is sparkly clean. Our first retail cleaning service from Boston was okay, but Kiwi Maids is outstanding and we couldn’t ask for better!

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