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Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning Services in Boston, MA

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Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning Services in Boston

When you are too exhausted or do not have enough time to complete the move-out cleaning in your apartment, but you know that you will not receive your security deposit if you do not do the work – then you should call Kiwi Maids. We have a qualified team of move-out cleaning experts who will transform your lived-in apartment into an attractive turn-key rental ready for the property owner to lease out again. The same thing will apply to our convenient move-out house cleaning services. The Kiwi Maids crew will go over every nook and cranny of your house with our move-out house cleaning treatment in every room and on every floor level to make sure that it will be ready for your real estate agent to stage and show or for the new homeowners to occupy.

Get Your Place Cleaned and Healthy

Of course, move-in cleaning services will be ideal for you too, as our employees enter into your new residence to prepare it for your arrival. When the moving truck pulls up to the door and you walk in, you will be met with hygienic and breathable air, fully sanitized surfaces, and an inviting home that is free from any leftover germs that could be harmful to you or your family members. Our extensive move-in cleaning services will ensure that you will not be subjected to anything left behind by previous tenants or owners. We want you to feel as confident as you can about the start of your new life in your new home. In addition, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have received the best move-in cleaning services that Kiwi Maids has to offer.

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Our Happy Clients

Donna Sullivan

I recommend Kiwi Maids 100% and I would definitely use them again because they gave my house a comprehensive move-out cleaning that I did not expect. I kind of thought they would give it a once over but they were extremely thorough as professional move-out cleaners. In fact, they made sure that my house was move-in ready which made it much easier for my real estate broker to sell it quickly. I liked how the cleaners were dressed and how professional they were. They kept to their promised schedule and the Kiwi Maids move-out cleaning services were everything I wanted and more!

Justine Wong

Kiwi Maids is a move-in house cleaning company that I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs it because they are unbelievably amazing! They were beyond professional and they didn’t cut any corners at all. They got my new place ready by cleaning everything … inside the cabinets, the baseboards, and around the radiators, plus a variety of other things that I would not have thought of myself. Kiwi Maids was a remarkable move-in cleaning service and we feel so lucky!

Annette Bingham

Kiwi Maids completely saved the day when we moved from my house. We were traveling to another state and timing was everything. We had a strict schedule and there was no possible way that we could do our own move-out cleaning. We needed to leave almost immediately after getting the trucks loaded and Kiwi rose to the occasion fabulously. They were great coordinating with us for locking up the house and getting the key to my realtor after they were done. Not to mention, my realtor sent me video footage of the house after and was over-the-top pleased with what an outstanding job they did. Kiwi Maids is the best move-out cleaning company in Boston!

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