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Church and Religious Facility Cleaning Services in Boston, MA

We're The Dust Busters!

Church And Religious Facility Cleaning Services in Boston

When it comes to the historical and contemporary dwellings where society practices our various faiths, the last thing that you will want to do is hire a religious cleaning company in Boston that does not appreciate all that makes this highly-revered haven of sacred teachings so special. House of worship cleaning requires a deeper understanding and level of compassion that transcends that of standard residential or commercial cleaning. Kiwi Maids has the expertise, care, and commitment to provide you with the religious cleaning services that will rise above the rest. We know that we will not be cleaning mere surfaces, but instead, we will be honored knowing that we are helping to keep your treasured institution of faith clean and beautiful at all times.

Get Your Place Cleaned and Healthy

We will follow your cue and our house of worship cleaners will access only the areas in which we mutual agree upon. We will disinfect and sanitize all restrooms, pay particular attention to the high-traffic areas such as the floors, whether linoleum, tile, hardwood or carpeted surfaces. In addition, we will make sure that every area of all pews will be fully cleaned and sanitized regularly from top to bottom and from front to back. Community rooms and kitchens will also be on our list for your religious cleaning, including any other areas that you request.

You will not have to do or provide anything but your specific instructions and we will take care of the rest. We know that many of your volunteers have been happy to serve by doing their part in the cleaning department. However, the team at Kiwi Maids will be glad to take over those duties to give your congregants the time and freedom to focus on other important matters. We have all of the necessary house of worship cleaning equipment, tools, and products to get the job done efficiently and we will provide you with premium results. If you prefer eco-friendly options – we will have everything that will enable us to honor that request.

Schedule Your Cleaning Now & Get Free Estimate

At Kiwi, we understand that the schedule for your services and other related activities of your house of worship may require some flexibility on our part. We will do all that we can to work with your desired timetable to ensure that our religious cleaning crew is in and out whenever necessary without disrupting your daily and weekly operations. Kiwi Maids will concentrate on your house of worship cleaning while you focus on your faith!

Our Happy Clients

Letisha Rebello

We are so completely satisfied with the church cleaning that Kiwi Maids did for us. They cleaned and sanitized the restrooms, kitchen, community room, and all other common spaces including the pews. They did deep cleaning on the floors, buffed, and shined after and the rooms with carpet were transformed. This religious cleaning service surpassed all of our expectations and basically gave our church the facelift that it needed just by giving it the cleaning it needed.

Kevin O'Ryan

Because of the issues of vandalism happening more and more today, we have to keep the doors of our church closed when we are not having services. This made it very difficult to locate a church cleaning company in Boston that we could trust to come in, clean, and leave without damaging or stealing irreplaceable items in our church that have been there for over one hundred years. The Kiwi Maids company made us feel more assured and the church has never been so clean since they came to us.

Lance Weinrich

We have been sharing our church with another congregation for the past few months and hosting several more people who are sitting in the pews weekly. Because of the increase, it became necessary to hire a professional church cleaning company that could better handle our cleaning needs. We received a referral to Kiwi Maids and we were told that they were one of the best religious cleaning services in Boston. We are sure that this is true, because Kiwi Maids have been a miracle to us.

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