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Eco-friendly Cleaning Service in Boston, MA

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Eco-friendly Cleaning Service in Boston

Many people wonder why eco-friendly cleaning is necessary and often think that the problem noted within the media regarding our planet’s climate is not a real consideration. However, unlike the array of trends going viral, this is a real issue. Of course, it is far more convenient to grab the strongest chemical cleaner off the shelf to get the job done quickly and effectively, but that comes with a price. We are breathing in an unlimited number of unknown and hazardous toxins, which is not only harmful to our bodies, but also, our planet, which is breathing in the same chemicals.

Kiwi Maids understands that and we know what to do to give you the eco-friendly cleaning that you want, while freeing your schedule for other important events in your life. You do not have to be bogged down with trying to understand which products will be appropriate or not nor will you have to figure out the guidelines necessary for green cleaning.

Get Your Place Cleaned and Healthy

You do not have to feel like you are alone in this eco-friendly cleaning quest, because we have a wide range of customers who feel exactly the way you do, such as:

  • Families with children
  • Households with pets
  • Pregnant women
  • Individuals with respiratory issues
  • Environmentally-conscious people

Our objective at Kiwi Maids is to do more than the basic, exceed the expected, and rise beyond the challenges presented to us as green cleaners. We are here to work with you and to be environmentally responsible within your residential or commercial space, while maintaining the elevated level of eco-friendly cleaning service standards that you want and deserve!

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Our Happy Clients

Stella Macchione

The Kiwi Maids company is the green cleaners in Boston that take care of my primary residence outside of the city twice a month as well as my condo in downtown Boston. I have absolutely no complaints. They are punctual, dressed appropriately, and professional in conduct. They practice eco-friendly cleaning procedures with high quality green cleaning products. My home always smells wonderful and I can’t imagine using any other green cleaning company in Boston other than Kiwi Maids!

Miguel Fahrner

My wife and I are super pleased with the eco-friendly maid service that we hired after we moved into our new house in Boston. They did a great job leaving our house smelling really good and spotless. Kiwi’s prices are affordable and in line with what we wanted to pay for professional green cleaning services. The eco-friendly cleaning products that they use are exceptional. We feel like our home is extremely clean and the air we are breathing inside is chemical-free!

Giovanni Tezeno

Eco-friendly cleaning services are important to my household not only for my family, but also, my pets. Words can never adequately express how happy I was to find Kiwi Maids with their respectful and upbeat staff. When they arrived, they gave our house a full review to make sure they understood everything that we would need, from eco-friendly cleaning products to how to work around our pets. The Kiwi staff has been so accommodating and despite the fact that we may be more of a demanding family than most, they have given us a high level of respect. We recommend Kiwi Maids as first-class green cleaning services.

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