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Home Organizing Service in Boston, MA

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Home Organizing Service in Boston

When you first move into a residence, everything that you own tends to feel fresh and organized, and you can trust that everything has its place. However, over time, you will be shocked to discover just how much you can accumulate. Some people are great home organizers, because they have the flexibility within their schedules and the discipline to stay on top of it. Others require a little help and that is where Kiwi Maids comes in.

We do not want you to be stuck within a jungle of clutter, because we feel that a home organizing service will bring order to your overall life minimizing the stress that you may feel in a chaotic environment. Our trained home organizers can transform your messy space into a haven of clean and organizational bliss.

Get Your Place Cleaned and Healthy

We will discuss all of the particulars with you in advance to gain a strong understanding of what you will need from your perspective and ours. We will never do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable and we will work at a pace that works for you. We have a basic outline that we will follow, but at the same time, we understand that this is not a one-size-fits-all project and we will customize this cleaning and home organizing event to fit you and your specific needs.

Before you know it, your home will reflect nothing but joy and the epitome of home organization!

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Our Happy Clients

Callie Ellerman

Kiwi Maids have serious focus and attention to detail. I can’t believe how much they did in my home and I am so glad that I chose them for their cleaning and organization services. My walk-in closet was a mess and all year, I have been putting off cleaning it out, because every time I start … I get overwhelmed. Finally, my boyfriend told me that I should stop stressing and just get professional house cleaning and organizing. My walk-in closet has never looked this good since I moved in here and Kiwi Maids turned my house into something that could go on the cover of a magazine.

Ramona Gearheart

I needed house organizing services when my dad passed away, because I had to go through the things in his house. I really had no idea how much he had accumulated. I did not want to just throw everything away because there were things from our family from heirlooms to photos that I wanted to save, but there was too much to go through on my own. Kiwi Maids were life savers because they offered cleaning and organizing services, which covered all of my needs. The house looked great when they finished and I was able to preserve the items that were important to my family. Thanks Kiwi!

Jeff Mahlberg

After years of living in my house, I needed professional house cleaning and organizing services to help me sort and get rid of things before I could start packing for my move out of state. I did not want to bring things to the new house that I didn’t need, but honestly, I did not know where to start. Kiwi Maids were incredible. They knew exactly what to do and they had quite a system of house organizing services. The plus was that they did not get rid of anything without getting my permission first and then, when everything was done and moved out, they cleaned the entire house. They get my top rating!

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